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Draw a Door in Photoshop

In these 3 videos you will learn how to create a natural looking object in Photoshop and also learn a lot of cool techniques along the way! You will soon see that it isn’t difficult, you don’t need any drawing skills just follow the videos step by step.




Using the Lasso Tool for natural editing/Adding Punch

Here are 2 Photoshop tutorial videos that will really help enhance your images by creating light where you need it in a very natural way, then in the second video how to add punch to your colour and black and white photographs. 

VIDEO 1. Using the Standard Lasso Tool for precise natural editing

VIDEO 2. Adding punch to your photo.

Converting RAWs and Sharpening

The video below shows my most used methods for processing RAW images and sharpening using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. It’s exceptionally useful when working with images such as birds and flowers for example that contain white areas that are easily blown when taking a photo. 

It shows how to recover the highlights adding detail to these areas and also my method of sharpening images. 

Something I omitted from the video at the end by accident …. or old age forgetfulness? was to mention before flattening the image after sharpening in Photoshop you could reduce the opacity of the layer to lessen the effect of the sharpening if you feel you have over cooked the sharpening process. That is the beauty of working with layers for the process of sharpening you have complete control over the effect before completing and flattening the layers.

Post processing editing techniques for birds

Watch the two videos below to see some of the basic techniques I use when using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop when post processing my bird images. In the first video I show some basic RAW editing in Lightroom (If you use Camera RAW in Photoshop instead of Lightroom the sliders work exactly the same for the process). One thing to notice in this video is that I apply no sharpening in Lightroom, infact I do not mention sharpening in either video but I will discuss this in later videos as I prefer to use Lightroom for noise removal and sharpening applied in Photoshop when required.

In the 2nd video I show how a selection can be made easily and quickly in Photoshop to remove and replace the background using a colour selection (later editions of Photoshop only). This method is suitable where the background is a contrasting colour to the subject and is a great quick method to use if that is the case! In future videos we will look at more in-depth RAW editing and other Photoshop edits for all forms of photography.

Keep checking this area of the website for new posts I promise lots more to come in the future. 

VIDEO 1 Some basic RAW Processing for birds in Lightroom


VIDEO 2 Using a colour selection in Photoshop CC 2015 to create a mask and replace a background.

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